The Importance of Self-Advocacy with Arquay Harris

Arquay Harris is the Director of Engineering for Customer Acquisition at Slack. Prior to Slack she was a Web Development Manager at Google where she lead a large team of Information Architects, Developers and Designers. Before that, as Director of Engineering at CBS Interactive, she oversaw the development teams for the B2B brands including ZDNet […]

Engineering Leadership Principals with Oren Ellenbogen

Oren Ellenbogen is serving as the VP Engineering at Forter, a SaaS company that helps retailers prevent identity fraud, internet fraud and phone fraud. In his spare time he runs Software Lead Weekly, a free weekly email for busy people who care about people, culture and leadership. Oren is also the author of Leading Snowflakes, […]

Great Interviewing Practices to Scale Engineering Teams with Tido Carriero and Emily Zahuta

In this episode, Tido Carriero and Emily Zahuta discuss the importance of a well planned and executed interviewing process and how important it is to scaling a successful software engineering organization. Tido Carriero: Tido has been the VP of Engineering at Segment for the past two years, where he’s spent much of his time growing the […]