Is $100K a good salary for a software developer with 10 years of work experience?

Christian McCarrick Do you have 10 years of software development experience?  Have you had good career progression from Jr, to Mid to Sr, to potentially architect, etc.? What languages are you proficient in? In what part of the country do you live? $100K per year is actually considered close to the average salary for a […]

How do I join google after doing B.E in electronics?

Christian McCarrick Do you have any experience with Computer Science or software programming? If so, then it is a bit easier.  I would plan on preparing for a couple of months by studying and doing practice problems.  You must be proficient in at least one programming language: JAVA, Python, etc. Get the book: Cracking the […]

For a Software Engineer which company is a better choice to work for – Uber or Amazon?

Christian McCarrick The best answer would come from someone who has worked for both companies.  I have not worked for either. A majority of Amazon jobs are in Seattle, while Uber is in San Francisco (soon to be moving to Oakland). I would look at sites like Glassdoor to see what people say about each […]

I have an offer in SF for $46/hour and an offer in Chicago for $30/hour as a Software Engineering Intern. I really like both companies, should I negotiate my Chicago salary or just take the SF job?

Christian McCarrick You mention this is for an Intern position.  I assume it will only be for a short-duration? If it is an intern position, I would not worry too much about the money.  Yes, your money will go a lot more in Chicago, but an Internship should not be about the money. I would […]

Can i get a good software developer job without a degree?

Christian McCarrick Yes, you can get a software developer job without a degree, but since you are already at university I would recommend you finish your degree.  During your studies you can also continue to learn software development during your spare time.  Contribute to open source projects on Github to get some experience.  Take online […]

For someone who's not your ideal techie but has a technology degree, what are the best places to work?

Christian McCarrick Three potential roles come to mind: 1. Start your own company.  All of the press these days is about building these huge unicorn companies, but the majority of startups are actually very small companies that bootstrap.  If you go down this route you will certainly be doing most of the work yourself, particularly […]

I am presenting my startup to investors. Should I state the problem that I am solving first or start by talking directly about the product?

Christian McCarrick My advice would be to start with the opportunity first unless you have a founding team that has been wildly successful before.  In that case start with the team as that is ultimately what they are investing in anyway. The investors are looking for the problem and the ultimate size of the market […]

Is 140K a year in Bay Area for a Software Engineer with 3 years of experience at a startup in line with the market?

Christian McCarrick Based on recent hires I would say that salary is pretty much in line with the market.  Things that will affect that are other parts of the package like medical benefits, vacation, bonus, stock options etc.  Of course the stage of the company and your specific technology expertise makes a big difference as […]

What is work of a software development engineer in a company?

Christian McCarrick This will be a rather broad answer since the question was not specific. Here is the definition of a software developer from Wikipedia: Software developer It will really depend on the company that you work for.  In a large company you might be developing software for a very specific piece of functionality, but […]

To prepare for a software engineer interview, should I focus a lot on knowledge about operating system or just some basic understanding is enough?

Christian McCarrick What is your existing background?  Do you come from a traditional science background? Here are some of the things you need to know in order to pass a software engineering interview: 1. Very good working knowledge of at least one programming language.2. Know your data structures by heart and be able to manipulate […]