As a software engineer, what’s the best skill set to have for the next 5-10 years?

Core software engineering & computer science fundamentals with a strong focus on data and/or mobile.

With the high-demand for web and software developers as of late, there have also been a number of “boot camp” and other programs to get people into software jobs quickly.  I am generally in favor of these programs, but they do lack some of the core computer science fundamentals that will be needed to tackle the higher-order problems around “big data, ” Internet-of-things and machine learning, etc.

I believe that AI will continue to evolve, but it will not be a core skill for most software  engineers in the next five years or so.

However, more and more companies, apps, programs, etc. are relying on larger, more complex and heterogenous data to power them.  Being able to ingest, normalize, query and most importantly to understand this data will become more and more crucial over time.

I believe that engineers will have to work more closely than ever with business analytics peers and data scientists and become better at understanding the questions being asked and not just about providing the answers.

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