How can you maximize your potential as a software engineer?

Do you mean raw potential, career potential or salary potential?

My first piece of advice is to try to find the right company to work for, with the right team and the right manager/mentor.  This is more important (especially early in your career) than salary.  Watch other senior engineers / architects and study how they code, how they solve problems, and how they learn and manage their time.

Although  your job “should” help you improve as a software engineer, you have to be the one to really work at your potential.  Code, code & code.  Get involved in open source projects, try to start a pet project on the side, start helping and mentoring other people (in person and on sites like StackOverflow). 

I would also focus on ways to market yourself.  This includes blogging, Stackoverflow, Meetups, speaking at events, etc. 

These are only a quick handful of tips.  I am sure other people will chime in with many more.

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