Software Engineers: What are the pros and cons of your engineering culture?


  1. Feeling that anything is possible
  2. Striving for excellence
  3. Insatiable curiosity
  4. Never settling / accepting the status quo
  5. Desire to always improve & learn more
  6. Great conversations
  7. More liberal world-view (generalization being made here)
  8. Incredible loyalty if you earn trust
  9. Building things from scratch that really can change the world


  1. "Brogramer"
  2. The pressure to feel like you have to work 12+ hours a day to be successful
  3. The need to stay current with technology that changes every quarter
  4. Sexism
  5. Ageism
  6. Large egos
  7. Feeling entitled
  8. Being a bit out of touch with the rest of the country / world
  9. Not always so family friendly

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