Would my resume get me an interview for an software engineering internship at Silicon Valley?

Your resume has good substance to it.  In order to make a bigger impact I would rewrite your top paragraph. 

This is not the time for you to be shy or modest so go big on the self-promotion without saying anything not factually correct.  In essence, your resume is your marketing material about yourself.

Change the top to something that calls out your NLP & machine learning work/projects because those are hot topics right now.  Leave out more of the soft adjectives like conscientious person, etc.  (because I am going to assume that you are).

“Top Computer Science student using Natural Language Processing to…… etc.”

Also the best way to get an interview is to find someone at the company to submit your resume for you.  Spend time working on that as well.

Put your projects on Github and put your github link on your resume.

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