What is it like to be an Insight Data Science Fellow?

This is a slightly different perspective on the question. 
I was never an Insight Data Science Fellow, but I have personally hired multiple people who graduated from the program. 
As a hiring manager in technology and data science I evaluated a number of different “bootcamp” type programs.  The Insight Data Science Fellow Program is one of the best I have ever encountered.  The quality of the program and the people who graduate from the program are exceptional. 
As a company, they invite us to introduce our company to the fellows early on in each cohort.  This allows the fellows to express interest in our company and technology early on and be able to start a relationship early.  Some of the Fellows also get to do projects with actual companies in Silicon Valley and solve actual problems these companies are facing. 
I know from talking with the people we hired that this program  is very intense but very supportive of the Fellows.
Do a search on LinkedIn and you will see that these Fellows are also now working in many of the top companies in Silicon Valley.

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