What are some things you must know before applying to Google as a Software Engineer?

Christian McCarrick You must be extremely proficient at writing code in at least one language.  Having good command of a language like JAVA would be beneficial. You must know your computer science fundamentals and be able to explain and use them to solve problems. Know Big-O Notation and how to figure out when offering solutions […]

How can you maximize your potential as a software engineer?

Christian McCarrick Do you mean raw potential, career potential or salary potential? My first piece of advice is to try to find the right company to work for, with the right team and the right manager/mentor.  This is more important (especially early in your career) than salary.  Watch other senior engineers / architects and study […]

I've been interest in becoming a software engineer for a really long time but the only thing holding me back is that I'm not so great in math. Any advice in what I should do?

Christian McCarrick If you are truly interested in becoming a software engineer, I would not let your fear that you are not good in math stop you.  Most people who think they are not so great in math just have not had a good experience in learning it.  In some cases it is made worse […]

How is machine learning used in finance?

Christian McCarrick Machine Learning is also used in more Qualitative ways.  At AltX we were using machine learning to not only identify what news, blog and regulatory documents where relevant to specific Hedge Funds, but also to pull actionable information from those sources in near real-time.  The ability to identify specific named entities from those […]

Software Engineers: What are the pros and cons of your engineering culture?

Christian McCarrick Pros: Feeling that anything is possible Striving for excellence Insatiable curiosity Never settling / accepting the status quo Desire to always improve & learn more Great conversations More liberal world-view (generalization being made here) Incredible loyalty if you earn trust Building things from scratch that really can change the world Cons: "Brogramer" The […]

Is $100K a good salary for a software developer with 10 years of work experience?

Christian McCarrick Do you have 10 years of software development experience?  Have you had good career progression from Jr, to Mid to Sr, to potentially architect, etc.? What languages are you proficient in? In what part of the country do you live? $100K per year is actually considered close to the average salary for a […]

How do I join google after doing B.E in electronics?

Christian McCarrick Do you have any experience with Computer Science or software programming? If so, then it is a bit easier.  I would plan on preparing for a couple of months by studying and doing practice problems.  You must be proficient in at least one programming language: JAVA, Python, etc. Get the book: Cracking the […]