Improving Interviewing with Andrew Marsh

Andrew Marsh is co-founder and CTO of A product designer and software engineer, he previously founded Fifth Column Games and has shipped titles with over 100 million users. Andrew ultimately left games in search of an industry where making a positive impact on the community was more aligned with success. On today’s episode Andrew and […]

Why Group Meetings Can Be Time Wasters with Lawrence Krubner

Over the last 18 years, Lawrence Krubner  has been the technical co-founder of 3 different startups that he has led to success. He has also seen millions of dollars wasted on poorly run projects that he have had to turn around and save. Turning around a failing project can go smoothly, so long as everyone […]

Building & Managing a Distributed Team with Juan Pablo Buritica

Juan Pablo Buritica is the VP of Engineering at where he leads a distributed engineering team throughout the US and Latin America that is building the creative hub for the modern musician. Juan Pablo has built effective software engineering organizations by emphasizing Open Source software values, technical excellence, trust, and empathy. He has organized […]

Employee Onboarding with Benjamin Jackson

Ben Jackson has been designing and building consumer-facing products for 20 years. Before founding For the Win, Ben worked as Director of Mobile at VICE Media and iOS Lead at The New York Times. He’s written about design, technology, and psychology for The Atlantic, The New Yorker, and WIRED, among others. Ben studied Computer Science […]

Finding Fulfillment at Work with Robert Slifka

  Today’s guest is Robert Slifka. Rob is the VP of Engineering at Sharethrough, providers of a technology platform for publishers to manage their native monetization strategy. Prior to Sharethrough he was a back-end engineer and led teams working on design automation software, encryption services and storage appliances. He is also founder of the Calibrate […]

The Importance of Self-Advocacy with Arquay Harris

Arquay Harris is the Director of Engineering for Customer Acquisition at Slack. Prior to Slack she was a Web Development Manager at Google where she lead a large team of Information Architects, Developers and Designers. Before that, as Director of Engineering at CBS Interactive, she oversaw the development teams for the B2B brands including ZDNet […]

Engineering Leadership Principals with Oren Ellenbogen

Oren Ellenbogen is serving as the VP Engineering at Forter, a SaaS company that helps retailers prevent identity fraud, internet fraud and phone fraud. In his spare time he runs Software Lead Weekly, a free weekly email for busy people who care about people, culture and leadership. Oren is also the author of Leading Snowflakes, […]

Great Interviewing Practices to Scale Engineering Teams with Tido Carriero and Emily Zahuta

In this episode, Tido Carriero and Emily Zahuta discuss the importance of a well planned and executed interviewing process and how important it is to scaling a successful software engineering organization. Tido Carriero: Tido has been the VP of Engineering at Segment for the past two years, where he’s spent much of his time growing the […]

Making Your Employees Badass with bethanye McKinney Blount

bethanye McKinney Blount is a technology leader with over 20 years of experience delivering great products and scalable infrastructure. She was briefly reddit’s first VP of Engineering, after working on some of Facebook’s most complex infrastructure projects. She’s been an Engineering Director at Linden Lab (makers of Second Life), then later Vice President of Software […]