How to Listen to the SimpleLeadership Podcast

How to listen to the SimpleLeadership podcast

Here are links for the different ways to access and listen to the SimpleLeadership podcast.:


Released Episode
15  Jan  2018 Employee Onboarding with Benjamin Jackson Download
08  Jan  2018 Finding Fulfillment at Work with Robert Slifka Download
18  Dec  2017 The Importance of Self-Advocacy with Arquay Harris Download
11  Dec  2017 Engineering Leadership Principals with Oren Ellenbogen Download
04  Dec  2017 Great Interviewing Practices to Scale Engineering Teams with Tido Carriero Download
27  Nov  2017 Making Your Employees Badass with bethanye McKinney Blount Download
20  Nov  2017 Supporting Software Engineer Productivity with Travis Kimmel Download
13  Nov  2017 My Worst Mistake as a Manager - Plato Event Download
06  Nov  2017 The Benefits of Hiring Code Bootcamp Grads with Ana Ulin Download
30  Oct  2017 Managing Managers with Cate Huston Download
23  Oct  2017 Building an Engineering Culture That Retains Talent - Live Plato Event Download
16  Oct  2017 Career Coaching with Allen Cheung Download
09  Oct  2017 The Engineer - Manager Pendulum with Charity Majors Download
02  Oct  2017 Transitioning to Engineering Management with Shivani Sharma Download
24  Sep  2017 Employee Motivation with Jean Hsu Download
17  Sep  2017 Tips for New Engineering Managers with Chris Paul Download
10  Sep  2017 Compassionate Coding and Diversity with April Wensel Download
04  Sep  2017 Making One-on-Ones Count with David Lynch Download
28  Aug  2017 Awesome Resources for New Engineering Managers with Joe Goldberg Download
21  Aug  2017 Fireside Chat with Nick Caldwell VPE of Reddit Download
14  Aug  2017 The Importance of Technical Leadership with Patrick Kua Download
07  Aug  2017 Keeping Your Technical Skills as a Manager with Joan Gamell Download
31  Jul  2017 The Importance of Mentorships with Quang Hoang from PlatoHQ Download
24  Jul  2017 Setting the Technical Direction for Your Team with James Hood Download
11  Jun  2017 Coaching for performance vs. coaching for growth - Jerry Li Download
15  Apr  2017 The Importance of Employee Growth - Dan DeMeyere Download
22  Feb  2017 The Importance of Employee Feedback - Claire Lew Download
06  Jan  2017 Tom Bartel Interview Download
21  Dec  2016 SimpleLeadership Episode 0 Download